This Spider-Man: Far From Home Cosplay Is Breathtaking

Spider-Man definitely dominated our pop-culture consciousness in 2019, between a blockbuster live-action film, an Oscar-winning animated film, and the month-long saga about Peter Parker's onscreen future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Spider-Man: Far From Home certainly sparked a lot of creativity amongst fans of the web-slinger -- including a pretty epic cosplay. A photo of cosplayers GraysonFin and Denshimyr recently made the rounds online, which recreates the scene where Quentin Beck/Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) manipulates Peter Parker/Spider-Man's (Tom Holland) sense of reality.

Mysterio and Spiderman cosplay by GraysonFin and Denshimyr! from r/marvelstudios

The relationship between Spider-Man and Mysterio evolved in some interesting ways over the course of Far From Home, with the two turning from apparent allies to adversaries.

"There were definitely a couple of the other iconic characters danced around, and wondering if could be combined, two at the same time, but it all kept coming back to Mysterio," co-writer Chris McKenna explained to "And Mysterio was the serious one, because okay, how do you do the stuntman-turned-magician with springs on his feet..." Sommers noted, the character also wears a fishbowl on his head, which made grounding him a bit difficult. "So it was scary, but we then finally committed and we went out on a lot of different roads with him, then ultimately kept coming back to making him like the Mysterio from the comic book in terms of being a con artist and trying to, even at the end, trying to make Peter, Spider-Man, the villain of the story," McKenna said. "So we leaned into that, and tried to ground it as well as we could and use the MCU's past so that the illusion didn't require him to build a giant amusement park in an abandoned lot."

"Once we hit on the idea that we were doing a con, then we had to come up with, 'Well, what is he trying to con Peter out of?'" McKenna explained. "And that's when we developed the idea of the EDITH system that were inhabited in these glasses. The glasses were actually the great idea of [director Jon Watts] that they would be inhabited in that sort of dark glasses, like the symbol of the crown. Also these glasses that sort of don't fit him, but we knew that as a con artist, it would have to come down to that moment where's actually able to cease the crown, and take these glasses from Peter, but in a way that Peter would hand them over, the classic con."


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