Spider-Man: Far From Home VFX Supervisor Teases Future of Avengers Tower

Avengers Tower has had a new owner since Spider-Man: Homecoming and a few years later, we're still being held in the dark. Though many suspected we'd finally find out the building's operator in Spider-Man: Far From Home but if you've seen the film, you'll know by now that's not the case. Regardless, the tower was prominently seen in one of the film's closing with an all-new look.

Julian Foddy and his team at Industrial Light & Magic's London office were responsible for the visual effects behind that final Manhattan-based sequence, including the flythrough of what was formerly known as Avengers Tower. Though Foddy wasn't told what the tower was exactly, he was given instructions from Sony and Marvel Studios on sprucing it up quite a bit, even using some real-life references.

"It was actually a direction from Marvel themselves, but they wanted this tall building to have replaced, what was it? The Avenger Tower, or Stark Tower," Foddy tells us. "In previous movies, we've established that Tony's sold the building and the new building has gone up in its place."

"I don't know whether at any point in the future what that building is," the VFX guru admits. "That's maybe referenced again, or whether it's just a cool skyscraper but yeah, at least I think that there's a building in Singapore that has this internal garden atrium a little bit like that. This was an idea that — I don't know if you've seen the movie Skyscraper — but I think that has it. There's a similar thing there, and we basically used that for reference."

Foddy tells us he's glad they were chosen for the flying shot, which allowed them to experiment with Spider-Man's new winged red and black suit.

"But there is, as I said, there's an actual building in Singapore that's got this open garden atrium and I think both Janek [Sirrs, production VFX supervisor] and the Marvel execs were really keen to have an idea like that," recounts Foddy. "Just because although in the show it happens very quickly, they wanted this idea of people being halfway up a building but out in the open, and then Spider-Man whooshing by. I mean, also that's a very cool shot that allowed us to do something cool with him flying with a wing suit."

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