Spider-Man: Far From Home Writers Address Why They Changed the "Spider-Sense"

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have slowly seen the development of Peter Parker's powers, though it's been quite different from what some fans would typically expect. Instead of seeing the spider bite and the physiological changes, instead fans are treated to a fully-formed Spider-Man who upgrades his costumes. But in Spider-Man: Far From Home, we finally get to learn more about one of Peter's most iconic abilities.

While the Spider-Sense has been a staple in the comics and in the previous film series, Spider-Man only makes a big deal about this super power in the latest movie. This is made even funnier because he doesn't refer to it much like most comic or movie fans, but instead Aunt May and Happy Hogan call it the "Peter Tingle."

Spider-Man: Far From Home writers Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers spoke with The Wrap about why they made this change while dealing with one of Peter Parker's most iconic abilities.

"We were always struggling to be a little more nuanced about it or a little sideways about this special power of his without being on the nose and calling it 'Spider Sense,'" said McKenna.

Added Sommers, "Well do we call it nothing? What do we call it? Do we go for something that's more of a joke name? And I assure you, we went around and around and tried all different kind of things."

The writers went on to speak about why they took an opportunity to give this ability its own name in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, explaining why they went wth such a silly name.

"We definitely had some scenes where Happy (Jon Favreau) was stumbling through different descriptions of trying to think of a thing to call it himself," Sommers said. "We liked Peter Tingle because it's like your aunt calls it something, and that's the last thing you want it called, so then, of course, she doubled down and that's what she's calling it, and she tells someone else, and that's what they're calling it. It's very authentic teen life."


Spider-Man: Far From Home is now playing in theaters.