'Spider-Man: Homecoming' Concept Art Reveals Extra Captain America "Cameo"

Spider-Man was once a dream for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but the franchise has since turned his entry into a reality. These days, Peter Parker stands as one of the most popular heroes under Marvel Studios, and it seems like his first solo venture nearly held a clever Captain Americanod.

Recently, a set of new concept art from Spider-Man: Homecoming hit the Internet, and it gives a first-look look at one unused Avengers cameo. So, if you get emotional over the Howling Commandos, it might be time you grabbed a tissue or twelve.

As you can see below, an easter egg highlighting Captain America’s old team was created for Spider-Man: Homecoming. Artist Peter Mitchell Rubin shared the cameo with Comic Book Movie recently, and the artwork will make fans wonder why the addition was scrapped.

spider man homecoming captain america art
(Photo: Peter Mitchell Rubin)

The artwork seems to be set in Washington D.C. which lines up with the film’s visit to the capitol. Peter and his decathlon team made a trip to the area for a competition, and they got to visit tourist locations like the Washington Monument. However, it seems Spider-Man: Homecoming nearly put in a Captain America statue in the National Mall.

The would-be statue would have featured Captain America in his original attire from Captain America: The First Avenger. The bronze memorial sees the soldier centered as a group of soldiers from World War II back him up. The concept artwork shown sees a tour guide giving information about the statue to tourists, and fans admit they wish the clever nod had made it into the film.

There is no telling why the proposed cameo was scrapped, but it isn't like Spider-Man: Homecoming chose to ditch Captain America entirely. In fact, Steve Rogers was referenced throughout the film with cameos. To start, the film began with Spider-Man vlogging his adventures in Germany during Captain America: Civil War where he faced the legendary hero. As the movie went forward, Captain America showed up in person through some public service announcements, and fans even noticed he got a Coney Island shout out as the Cyclone was seen briefly during Spider-Man: Homecoming's climatic battle.


So, do you wish this cameo had been kept in the film? Or should Marvel save the nod for another movie? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!

Spider-Man: Far From Home premieres in theaters on July 5, 2019.