Tom Holland Reveals Spider-Man: Homecoming Mistake That We All Missed

Spider-Man: Homecoming brought Peter Parker into the MCU for his first solo outing, and fans have given the film countless binges. Still, the movie may hide a few things you've never noticed before, and star Tom Holland gave fans a heads up on one such moment.

Recently, the actor did an interview with GQ where he answered fan-questions in secret online. It was there one fan said they loved the way Holland says hello with his British accent, and it turns out the actor slipped the saying into Homecoming.

"Well, interesting. If you watch Spider-Man: Homecoming again, I say, 'Ello mate. You all right?'"

Continuing, Holland says the dialogue was redone, but he is confident fans will be able to tell where the moment happens.

"I don't know why. I'm supposed to be a kid from Queens but we've dubbed it so you can't hear the accent but you can probably spot the mistake. That is my challenge to you."

This hilarious reveal has fans eager to do yet another re-watch of Homecoming, and his quote is not the first to go viral following his GQ chat. The actor touched upon everything from Batman to a future television series in the interview, but there is one fact he would not reveal. After all, Holland has decided to keep his favorite football team to himself.

“I am a fan of a football club but I will not tell anyone what it is because I don’t want to make people angry. You can probably guess who they are if you’re a football fan, but I’ve kept that pretty secret. I don’t know why, but no one really knows.”


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