‘Spider-Verse' Producer Will Put Japanese Spider-Man In Sequel On One Condition

Spider-Man is back in theaters with a film many are calling the hero's best yet. Thanks to Sony Animation, Into the Spider-Verse is wowing fans all over the world, leaving many of them to eye a sequel. And, if netizens get their way, then Japanese Spider-Man will be joining in on the action.

So, it is a good thing one of the film's producers is on board with the addition… so long as one condition is met.

Recently, online campaigns asking the team behind Into the Spider-Verse to bring in Japanese Spider-Man to the franchise. The initiative caught the eye of executive producer Phillip Lord, and he took to Twitter to share his cameo conditions.

"I will [put in Japanese Spider-Man] IF we cross 200 domestic. Deal everybody," the man wrote.

Right now, Into the Spider-Verse has a way to go before that number is met. The film just crossed $104 million at the domestic box office after nearly three weeks. The film's combined box office does put it over $200 million which covers its reported $90 million budget and then some. Still, it is not quite where Lord wants it, and he is willing to put Japanese Spider-Man in the balance to get there.

For fans, the addition of Japanese Spider-Man would be a welcome one, and it is not hard to see why. The hero has become a cult favorite in the decades following his TV debut abroad. The hero was born from a brief deal struck by Marvel and Toei Company years ago, giving the world the chance to meet Takuya Yamashiro.

In the past, the executive producers behind Into the Spider-Verse did suggest Japanese Spider-Man as a potential sequel addition. When Lord was asked by CinemaBlend which characters he'd want to join a second film, the producer admitted he had several dream draft picks.

"There's tons of the, you know, Spider-diaspora that are out there... I'd be really psyched to see Silk do something and really psyched to be Spider-Punk. I just think, aesthetically, the thing you in a movie with that would be amazing."


"I wouldn't mind Japanese Spider-Man," Lord continued. "Also, Italian Spiderman, let us not forget."

So, do you think the sequel has room for this special Spider-Man? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!