Spider-Man: Lotus Live-Action Fan Film Poster Revealed with Comic-Accurate Suit

Spider-Man is probably the most popular character ever created. This December, the web-slinger will get his eighth live-action feature film, and he's more popular than ever with comic readers around the world. At some point in 2022, an eager group of Spidey fans will release their ultimate tribute to the character, a fan film titled Spider-Man: Lotus. Over the weekend, the filmmakers behind the short film released a poster for the project, unveiling one of the most accurate Spidey suits we've seen in live-action.

"Growing up, Spider-Man was always a massive part of my life. Whether it was a distraction from problems at home, or an escape into a world greater than myself, he was there with me every step of the way – not as a flawless idol, but as someone I could directly relate to," Lotus writer and filmmaker Gavin J. Konop said in a crowfunding for the fan film.

He added, "Peter Parker is endearing because he isn't perfect – he gives up, he falls short, he collapses under pressure. Rather than an icon, he's there to reassure the world that they are not alone in their struggles...he is reacting, failing, and prevailing just like anyone else. With this film, we want to dive into his natural human flaws: What defines a man who is crushed by his own mind? We pulled from hundreds of different comic books from over the years, whether it was written by Stan Lee, or Gerry Conway, or Tom DeFalco, or any other legendary writer to take on the character, all in an effort to craft a story that honors the character in the best way that we can."

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See the Lotus poster for yourself below.

Spider-Man: No Way Home hits theaters on December 17th.


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