Spider-Man: No Way Home Had to Make Change to Daredevil Scene

The release of Spider-Man: No Way Home opened up many new opportunities for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, especially with regards to the future of Matt Murdock AKA Daredevil as actor Charlie Cox rejoins the wider franchise. Spider-Man's latest adventure also bridged gaps in the Marvel Multiverse that fans thought we'd never see again, bringing in other Peter Parker variants that fans love who were played by Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield in their own series of films. But because these massive movies go through many changes, including many of which were brought on by challenges of filming during the pandemic, Cox's scene as Murdock in lawyer mode required a minor tweak.

Early on in Spider-Man: No Way Home, fans were shocked to see Cox's Daredevil as Spider-Man's lawyer in a funny scene that ends with an angry Spider-Man hater throwing a brick through the window of the Parker residence. Though Spidey himself attempts to catch the brick, he is beaten to the punch by Murdock who utilizes his own heightened senses to intercept the object. However, someone who worked on the film just revealed they originally filmed that scene with a snow globe and had to digitally alter the item to make it into a brick.

During a discussion with Corridor Crew [h/t The Direct], VFX artist Kelly Port revealed on the podcast that Cox and Tom Holland were both shown gripping circular objects, despite the fact that a brick was in their hands.

"With Murdock here and catching the brick, that was originally not a brick, it was a snow globe," said Port. "So that's one of those creative decisions that came after the fact."

Port noted the spherical shape of their hands, but also said that fans would probably miss it because it's "one of those things that you don't necessarily pick up on, hopefully not." But he wasn't clear on why the change was made.

While Port did mention "creative decisions," it's not clear why a snow globe was used in the first place, but due to the public scrutiny surrounding Spider-Man's identity and the message of "We believe Mysterio" being attached to the brick, the change makes sense for the final film that has since been released. However, now we are very curious about the original reason for why the brick was a snow globe, to begin with...

Spider-Man: No Way Home is now available on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD.