Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Producers Respond to No Way Home Stars Wanting To Be In the Movie

While on the globe-spanning press tour for Spider-Man: No Way Home, various stars of the film suggested they'd like to appear in Sony's animated Spider-Verse franchise at one point. In fact, both Tom Holland and Zendaya said they'd love to appear in the Oscar-winning films. That news was quickly followed up by Spider-Verse producer Chris Miller telling the actors to call him, and radio silence has followed.

Now on a tour promoting Apple's The After Party, Miller and Phil Lord were asked if either of those actors ended up calling them after the tweet. As it turns out, something may have happened because both coyly played with their response to the question.

"I just got a call right now, but I put it straight forward to voicemail," Miller told Collider while trying to avoid the question. "It's possibly Zendaya. She's always calling me. No, it's this gentleman, Potential. His name is POtential Spam, I believe his name is. He's so corny."

It was in December that Holland revealed he was once even asked to appear in the films as a cameo, but the stars weren't able to align just right to make something happen.

"[Producer] Amy [Pascal] actually asked me on the set of [Spider-Man: No Way Home] and no one has come back to me," Holland revealed to SYFY WIRE. "I wanna be in them. Yeah, I love those movies."

Last year, Lord and Miller revealed the teaser for Across the Spider-Verse provides only the slightest glimpse of what fans can expect from the upcoming follow-ups.

"Well we're just getting started. In the first look you get just a taste of what we're going for," they told Entertainment Weekly (via Twitter). "Every dimension looks and feels radically different from all the others. They all look like they were drawn by a different artist."

"It's an opportunity to build on that visual foundation and push it to bold new places," the duo added. "Some of the groundbreaking art techniques the team has developed for this movie have blown us away. It's going to be an exciting experience for audiences like nothing anyone's seen."

Spider-Man: No Way Home continues its record-setting box office run while Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (Part One) is expected to hit theaters on October 7th.

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