Stan Lee Explains Why People Love Deadpool

When Deadpool was created back in the early 1990s, no one could've known the character would go on [...]

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When Deadpool was created back in the early 1990s, no one could've known the character would go on to hold the kind of pop culture status he does today. The mouthy mercenary has become one of Marvel Comics most recognizable characters, and the hero's first standalone film went on to rake in big bucks at the box office this year. But, if you're one of the fans who're still scratching their heads at the antihero's popularity, no worries! Stan Lee has stepped up to explain why Deadpool is loved by so many fans these days.

The official Deadpool Twitter uploaded a short video which shows the legendary writer discussing Deadpool's surging popularity. "The thing about Deadpool I think that makes him so widely loved by fans everywhere is he's like a real person," he says. "He's not like some fictional hero. He talks the way regular people talk, he thinks the same way. He's as disrespectful as most people are. You never know what he'll say or do next."

Well, Stan Lee certainly isn't wrong about that. The so-called 'Merc with a Mouth' is known for his quirky personality and fourth-wall combo breakers. Aware of his place in the Marvel Universe, Deadpool's fragile psyche has amused - and terrified - readers for decades now. And, following his leading role in Deadpool (2016), the character is undoubtedly loving his resurgence in popularity.

Stan Lee went on, saying that, "He's like the guy you wish lived next door to you and would be your best friend because it would always be a lot of fun being with him. And there'd always be a lot of unexpected surprises." And, again, he's not totally wrong about that - there would definitely be lots of surprises. But, still, I'd be weary about living next to Wade Wilson. Sure, he seems cool barring any of his violent outbursts, but most neighbors would probably prefer to avoid any of the double-crossed villains looking to get revenge for one of Deadpool's antics. Like, if Thanos accidentally knocked on your door by accident, you'd be done for.

Ultimately, Stan Lee did stress that Deadpool was, "the best kind of guy to write about or have movies about." Because, when you think about it, the character has it all: witty quips, NSFW monologues, gratuitous aggression, and a whole bunch of chimichanga jokes. Seriously, what's not to love about Deadpool?