Fans Concerned for Stan Lee Following Appearance at Silicon Valley Comic Con

Legendary creator Stan Lee returned to public appearances at Silicon Valley Comic Con this [...]

Legendary creator Stan Lee returned to public appearances at Silicon Valley Comic Con this weekend. The appearance should have marked a triumphant return following a rough few months which saw Lee dealing with health and personal challenges, however fans who saw Lee at the convention have expressed concern about his well-being.

Lee, who confirmed late last month that he would be appearing at the convention via a video shared by the Con's Facebook page, had been scheduled to do signings and photo ops. Both sold out, per the con's website. However, many fans who attended the con took to commenting on Facebook with various concerns about Lee -- from concerns that the convention organizers had oversold Lee's events to concerns about his overall well-being. Many of the comments regarding Lee's well-being expressed concerns that Lee was exhausted and not being given proper breaks with some fans pointing fingers those working directly with Lee.

"That man is a legend and you shuffled him around like he was a bag of money!" one comment read.

Others expressed concerns about his condition during the photo op sessions, noting that he looked like he needed more rest. and like he hadn't fully recovered from his bout with pneumonia.

"He was still recovering from a bout with pneumonia," another commenter wrote. "I'm glad he made it, but he looked like he needed more rest. Love that guy."

Still others took to Instagram with video of Lee at his signing to show how that portion of his appearance went. You can check that out below.

These latest concerns about Lee's health and well-being follow a difficult few months for the Marvel creator. In January, TMZ reported that Lee had fallen victim to check fraud with $850,000 of his stolen money being used to purchase a condo in West Hollywood. Later that month, Lee was accused of sexual misconduct by in-home nurses. Lee's attorney, Tom Lallas, said that Lee "categorically denies these false and despicable allegations and fully intends to fight to protect his stellar good name and impeccable character."

Lee was also taken to the hospital on February 1 and later in the month Lee revealed that he had been battling pneumonia. Since then, fans and even others in the industry -- including filmmaker and noted comic book aficionado Kevin Smith -- have voice concern for Lee.

However, even with the concerns, not all of Lee's appearance was worrisome. The con posted a video to hits Facebook page showing the legend being a part of a surprise engagement during his photo op with Lee telling the couple that he was delighted that the proposal happened there as well as that they would have to come back in ten years for their anniversary.

As for his next appearance, fans will get to enjoy Lee's next cameo appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Avengers: Infinity War. The film, which opens in theaters on April 27th, brings together many of Lee's iconic co-creations for the first time in one film.

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