Stan Lee Announces He Wants to Be President of the World

Since gaining control of his Twitter account, Stan Lee has been increasingly active, even asking [...]

Since gaining control of his Twitter account, Stan Lee has been increasingly active, even asking fans for help navigating social media. Now he's calling on fans again, this time in his quest to be president of the world.

That's right, the legendary comic book creator posted to Twitter yesterday his latest aspiration, noting that while the United States already has a President, he'd like to be president of the world and he wants your vote After all, when you've created some of the most memorable and iconic comic book characters in popular culture you can really only go up from there.

"The United States has a President, but I want to be the President of the world. Who will vote for me?" Lee wrote and judging from the over 3000 responses to the post it sounds like there are plenty of fans who would vote for him, though if "president of the world" were a real thing he would need far more.

This curious tweet is just the latest chapter in what has been an interesting few months for Lee. He recently shared a video stating that he was looking forward to hearing from his fans from Mars and Jupiter, but the more distressing chapters have occurred off of social media. Earlier this year a report alleged that Lee is the victim of elder abuse by those closest to him, including his own daughter and closest handlers. In a recent appearance at Silicon Valley Comic Con, Lee also appeared to struggle, causing fans to be concerned for his well-being as well. Then, just under two weeks ago, Lee took to Twitter to express that he finally has control over some of his social media accounts, though he did ask fans to help him get control of Facebook and Instagram, indicating that someone was impersonating him online.

In addition to that, Lee has had some legal woes as well. The former Marvel editor in chief recently filed a $1 billion lawsuit against his former production company, POW! Entertainment, and its current executives alleging that CEO Shane Duffy and Gill Champion swindled an ailing, bereaved Lee into parting with his name. POW! has since responded to the lawsuit, stating that the claims are "completely without merit".

As for social media, not all of Lee's tweets have been about galactic fans and political aspirations. Lee recently used the platform to praise actor Tom Holland's performance as Spider-Man, noting that Holland was the perfect embodiment for the iconic character just as he imagined him.

What do you think about Lee's latest tweet? Let us know if you'd vote Stan Lee for world president in the comments below.