Stan Lee Being Remembered on Digital Billboards Across the Country

This week has been tough for Marvel, who lost its pioneer and figurehead, Stan Lee on November [...]

This week has been tough for Marvel, who lost its pioneer and figurehead, Stan Lee on November 12th. The world has been sharing their grief for Lee in various ways, from ads in the paper to heartfelt tributes on social media.

One of the most extravagant tributes to the late legend is a series of billboards honoring him throughout the country. According to The Blast, Lamar Advertising Company arranged the memorial shortly after Lee passed away.

Since we're living in the future, these are more than just billboards. The giant shrines are digital, which means they feature a smiling Stan Lee. You can read "Farewell to the hero of heroes" on 160 billboards across the nation.

"When an event of national significance occurs, such as the passing of an iconic figure like Stan Lee," explained Lamar, "we have the ability to activate our national network of digital billboards to mark the occasion."

Many people having been sharing their billboard sightings on Twitter. MMA Fighter, Liv Parker, spotted one in Knoxville, TN and shared it with her followers.

There hasn't been a shortage of tributes this week, which most people have really loved and appreciated. (Sorry not sorry, Bill Maher.) The six original MCU Avengers (Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner and Mark Ruffalo) all came together and took out an entire page of The Hollywood Reporter to acknowledge Lee for everything he did for them, their careers, and countless others.

It wasn't just the people within the Marvel family who paid their respects to Lee. The Super Museum in Metropolis, Illinois paid their respects by adding a black arm band to their 15-foot Superman statue. Superman is, of course, the leading hero in the DC universe, the biggest Marvel rival.

George RR Martin, creator of Game of Thrones, also penned a lovely open letter to Lee titled "Farewell to a Marvel."

The billboards honoring Lee are expected to remain up through the weekend, so keep an eye out while you're jamming to your Awesome Mix on the open road.

Thankfully, Stan Lee filmed some more of his beloved MCU cameos before he died, so you'll be able to see him next on the big screen in Captain Marvel, which will be released on March 8, 2019.