Stan Lee Reveals One Of The Scariest Moments Of His Life Occurred At The White House

Stan Lee has had some surreal experiences throughout his career, but one moment at the White House ranks as one of the scariest for the Marvel creator.

On a new episode of Stan's Soapbox Presents, Lee digs into the archives for a story from 1980. Lee ended up at the White House during President Carter's administration, and alongside him were several actors in full costume, including Captain America, Spider-Woman, Spider-Man, and Green Gobin, and it was the latter of those that presented the biggest problem.

"I'll never forget October 1980," Lee said. "That was when I got one of the biggest scares of my life. I had been to the White House for an occasion. A fellow dressed as the Green Goblin decided to stay in character and he went over to Amy Carter, and he started scaring the kid, making faces, and the kid was terrified and I said 'you idiot, stop it! The secret service will shoot you!' Anyway, luckily he stopped in time before he became a casualty."

Totally get someone wanting to stay in character, but when you're dealing with the president's wife and daughter...maybe that's not the best decision. No one wants to be the guy who was dressed as Green Goblin as he got tased by the Secret Service.

You can also see an invitation that was sent to Lee by First Lady Rosalynn Carter. The event was titled The Captain America Youth Conservation Campaign Kickoff and was held at the White House on Wednesday, October 1st on the south lawn.

"Stan has been a guest at the White House several times. Today, he recalls a 1980 visit with First Lady Rosalynn Carter and costumed Marvel characters. (The man underneath Captain America's mask may look familiar to Star Trek fans...) #FlashbackFriday #Marvel #StarTrek"

You can check out the full video above.

Stan Lee recently made another appearance in the Marvel Universe thanks to Insomniac's Spider-Man game for PS4. Spoilers incoming for early on in the game.

Early on Peter meets MJ at a diner, one that seems to be a frequent spot in the past for them. That is confirmed by the owner of the diner, who turns out to be Stan Lee, and he is thrilled that the two are back together, at least from appearances.


Lee recently shared a photo from the cameo with the caption "Another medium, another Stan Lee cameo! One newly released game is causing quite the stir. Perhaps you've heard of it? #SpiderManPS4 #NationalVideoGamesDay #Marvel"

Spider-Man PS4 is available now.