Stan Lee Reveals Who Would Win In A Fight Between Thor And Hulk

There is just something about the Hulk that makes people want to include him in their fantasy [...]

There is just something about the Hulk that makes people want to include him in their fantasy matches. The raging green monster is renowned in the comics world for his limitless strength, but that doesn't stop villains from testing Hulk. These days, fans like to squabble over if Bruce Banner's alter-ego could take on fellow heroes like Captain Marvel and Vision.

But, now, we have a definitive answer when it comes to Hulk vs Thor. Stan Lee revealed that the Asgardian ruler would win the match-up.

In a recent interview, the iconic comic book writer told a young fan why Thor would win the fight. Lee spoke with KJ Ricci, a Leukemia survivor who got the opportunity to interview his idol at Rhode Islands Comic Con. When Ricci asked about the epic showdown, Lee said, "I would have to say Thor because as strong as Hulk is, he's still mortal. Thor is one of the Norse gods."

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have seen the Hulk and Thor on the big screen. In The Avengers, Thor fights Hulk on Nick Fury's crashing helicarrier while Loki enjoys the show from his prison cell. The two duke it out, and Thor seems surprised by the monster's strength. However, the battle never came to a true conclusion as the Hulk wound up being jettisoned from the falling aircraft into the middle of nowhere.

When it comes to the comics, there is a lot more evidence backing up Thor's foretold victory. Back in 2001, Thor technically won a battle against the Hulk after years of being held in stalemate. The thunder god zapped the Hulk with a lightning bolt to the head, a move which knocked the beast out. However, the Hulk eventually regained consciousness while Thor was flying off with his limp body - so he promptly socked his godly opponent out of the sky.

However, the most usual outcome of Thor taking on the Hulk is plenty of anti-climatic fanfare. The heroes very rarely get to see who would win against one another. If you check out Journey Into Mystery #112 or Incredible Hulk #440, then you can watch the two forces collide until their steam finally tapers out.

This isn't the first battle that Lee has commented on this year. Not long ago, the creator appeared on The Tomorrow Show and revealed who would win in a fight between the Hulk and the Thing.


The writer gave a fast, confident answer when he said, "Oh, The Hulk would win." Lee went on to explain his reasoning and praised The Thing for his quick wit. "The Thing is faster and smarter, so he would probably find a way to turn it into a draw or save himself. He'd trap or trick the Hulk. But, in a fair fight, there's no way the Hulk [would lose]," he stressed. "He'd win."

So, what do you think? When it comes to Thor and the Hulk, which of the heroes would walk away with a championship belt intact? Let us know in the comments below!

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