Chris Pratt's Star-Lord Helmet Just Sold For An Insane Amount

When it comes to collecting, money isn't often an object, and one Marvel fan's just proved that was the case for them. This week, the Prop Store held a large auction for some rather priceless Hollywood props, and Star-Lord raked in an insane amount of cash.

Clearly, Chris Pratt's star power would pull in nothing less.

Earlier today, TMZ reported that Star-Lord's helmet sold at the auction for $160,000. The prop, which was used by Pratt during filming, was sold to an anonymous bidder. The item was the most expensive item bought during the event, and the number came as a surprise to some fans.

After all, there were some prime props up for auction at the event. Quartz Media reported that the Prop Store was selling items like a studio-quality Darth Vader helmet used in marketing for The Empire Strikes Back. The headgear was estimated to be worth $20,000 while a prop version of Thor's hammer Mjolnir was thought to sell for under $15,000.

No one expected the Guardians of the Galaxy prop to sell for so much, but there is a reason behind the surge. The film's overwhelming popularity and MCU connections make the Star-Lord prop an investment. As the movie ages, the used helmet will only grow more valuable, so it's not impossible to think the prop could sell for even more some years down the line.

According to TMZ, the auction raked in about $4 million total. Some of the sale's other big-ticket items included a creature costume of Alien's Xenomorph that sold for over $80,000. Merlin's robe from Excalibur also brought in big bucks as it went for more than $120,000.

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