Stranger Things' Shannon Purser Wants To Play Squirrel Girl In A Marvel Movie

First, we had Anna Kendrick. The acclaimed actress surprised Marvel fans when she said she’d [...]

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First, we had Anna Kendrick. The acclaimed actress surprised Marvel fans when she said she'd like to suit up as Squirrel Girl in the MCU. And, now, newcomer Shannon Purser has also thrown her name into the gauntlet following the release of Netflix's Stranger Things.

Purser, who's stint in Stranger Things has made her Internet famous, took to Twitter to confirm her interest in the role. She wrote, "So who do I talk to about being Squirrel Girl?" And, of course, the Internet gushed over the young actress' question. Since her post went live, several executives at Marvel Comics have reached out to the actress to see if she'd like to drop by their NYC headquarters. So, while there's no offer for Purser to take up the hero's mantle, she has at least caught the eye of Marvel's mightiest creators.

Of course, Marvel has no plans currently to pursue a Squirrel Girl adaptation in film, television, or animation. However, the character has been growing more and more popular following the hero's newest series, The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl. The character, whose real name is Doreen Green, surged in popularity as the new series showed off Squirrel Girl's quirky powers. The comics follow the hero as she kicks off her college career - and of course - comes in conflict with all sorts of baddies. I mean, she even faces off against Galactus and comes out victorious when she somehow to befriend the Planet Eater, sending him to devour a lifeless planet filled with delicious nuts.

Honestly, it looks like Purser would be a great choice to play the lovable superhero as the actress' has proved her skills in Netflix's Stranger Things. Playing Barb, Purser has become an Internet phenomenon as fans have come to cherish the relatable and somewhat outcasted character. And, even though Stranger Things stands as Pursers' first television credit, fans and critics alike already agree that the actress' career has a bright future ahead of it.

And, if things should go her way, perhaps Purser's career will get a little 'nutty' in the future if she's lucky.