SWAT Team Dresses As Superheroes To Rappel Into Hospital To Surprise Children

You'll no doubt see plenty of superheroes out and about thanks to the Halloween celebrations today, but that might not be the coolest thing you see all day. Taking that spot might very well be the Toledo Police Department's SWAT unit, who decided to dress up as superheroes and entertain the children at the Toledo Children's Hospital. They rappelled from the roof of the building dressed as heroes like Batman, Iron Man, and Thor to give the children who can't leave the hospital a fun surprise, and as you can see in the video below, the children lost their minds when they saw heroes outside their window.

The video below showcases Batman's rappel down the building, and the reaction is adorable. The children scream "it's Batman!" and start gathering around the window. They then pat the window and wave, saying "hi Batman" and on the other side he swings waves and gives thumbs up. You can check out the video below.

"Today members of the Toledo Police SWAT Unit took to the skies to help make a rainy day sunny for the children at the Toledo Children's Hospital. For the sixth year in a row, members of the SWAT Team rappelled from the roof of the hospital to surprise the children. #toledopolice"

The second video shows a few more members of the team rappeling down to greet the children, including someone dressed as Thor (complete with Mjolnir), Iron Man, Captain America, and Mr. Incredible, and you check out a video of those heroes in action below.

"@ToledoPolice SWAT rappelled from the roof of ProMedica Toledo Children's Hospital dressed as superheroes this year for Halloween. Thanks to everyone who made this possible! #ProMedicaProud #Halloween #FeelGoodStory"


It's hard to watch this and not smile, and we hope this tradition continues for a long, long time.