The Thanos-Copter Is Coming to HeroClix

Thanos is returning to HeroClix, and this time he’s taking his best ride to get there.WizKids [...]

Thanos is returning to HeroClix, and this time he's taking his best ride to get there.

WizKids today revealed a list of convention exclusive HeroClix figures that will debut at the HeroClix World Championship event in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at the end of the year. Among them was Thanos' infamous air-travel vehicle, the Thanos-Copter.

WizKids revealed previews of three of these figures, and the Thanos-Copter was one of them. Take a look at the Thanos-Copter in its full HeroClix glory below:


The Thanos-Copter is HeroClix vehicle, and what's a vehicle without a pilot? So it makes sense that WizKids also previewed a new Thanos that will also be a convention exclusive figure. While Thanos is best known these days for his use of the Infinity Stones and the Infinity Gauntlet. This convention exclusive Thanos figure harkens back to the original cosmic relic that Thanos was focused on obtaining, the Cosmic Cube. Take a look below:


The story of Thanos using the Thanos-Copter to try to steal the Cosmic Cube from Spider-Man and Hellcat is a story from Earth-57780, the setting of the Spidey Super Stories series that spun out of the television series The Electric Company. This would explain why space pirate and powerful tyrant Thanos was flying around in a helicopter, which is a bit off-brand for the Mad Titan.

Thanos and the Thanos-Copter will be sold together at convention events beginning with the HeroClix World Championship. For DC Comics fans, there will also be colossal Starro figure available to purchase.

The rest of the convention exclusive figures will be available to win at events. These include a Gwenpool figure, a Joker figure based on the character's appearance in The Dark Knight Returns, and ID Cards for The Joker and Two-Face, the first ID cards specifically designed to call-in villain characters

Here's a preview of The Joker:

The Joker

In the meantime, if this Thanos has you thirsting for more cosmic Marvel HeroClix goodness, WizKids also just announced pre-release events for the Avengers: Infinity set, the first HeroClix set that features a colossal HeroClix figure in every booster. This set also features several classic Avengers like Thor, Hawkeye, and Jack of Hearts, as well as many space-centric teams like Infinity Watch featuring Adam Warlock, Drax, and Gamora, Guardians of the Galaxy in their original forms like Star-Lord and Rocket Raccoon, and Spaceknights with Javelin and Terminator.

Avengers: Infinity pre-releases begin on May 2nd and the set releases at retail on May 16th.