Here's What Some Marvel Fans Hope the Winter Soldier's New Arm Looks Like

These days, the Winter Soldier is living in flux. The hero spent quite some time in limbo after [...]

These days, the Winter Soldier is living in flux. The hero spent quite some time in limbo after Thanos snapped him from existence, but he's back on Earth following Avengers: Endgame. His best friend Steve Rogers is an old man with Sam Wilson now carrying Captain America's shield. For the Winter Soldier, he's still trying to find his place as Bucky, and it seems fans have one idea of how to help the wanderer.

After all, a new arm never hurts, and one fan made some sweet artwork imagining how Bucky's prosthetic should look in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Over on Reddit, some artwork resurfaced to the delight of fans. The piece, which can be seen below, gives Bucky's prosthetic arm a total makeover that honors his past and future.

I never knew how much I needed something so much until now... from r/marvelstudios

As you can tell, the black arm is sleek with a slew of articulated joints. The aesthetic is similar to what Bucky rocked in Wakanda, so it seems the tech was used here once more by the artist. However, there is something added to the look. Bucky has a large silver star on his bicep, and it has Captain America fans feeling weepy.

After all, Bucky's story is inseparable from that of Captain America. He grew up friends with Steve Rogers well before World War II, and he fought alongside Captain America on the frontlines. The star here honors that history, but its placement also nods to his time with the Red Room. The large red star on Bucky's first arm is hard to forget, but fans like the idea of replacing the bad memories with good ones. So if Marvel Studios is looking for new ideas, this concept artwork would do right by many of Bucky's biggest fans.

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