'The Gifted' Finale Had a Jack Kirby Easter Egg

The Gifted's first season finale included an Easter egg tribute to one of the X-Men's [...]

The Gifted's first season finale included an Easter egg tribute to one of the X-Men's creators.

SPOILERS for The Gifted Season One finale follow.

Jack Kirby, the "King of Comics" and co-creator of the X-Men, got a shout-out in last night's season finale of The Gifted.

The moment came ahead of the staredown that ended the episode. The Mutant Underground's Atlanta base was destroyed. The group moved to a way station in Nashville. That way station is in an abandoned feed shop. The name of that feed shop was "J. Kirby's" according to a sign on the fence outside.

Jack Kirby was one of the most prolific and influential comic book artists of all time. Kirby helped create the Marvel Universe and many of its most popular characters. Kirby co-created the X-Men with Stan Lee in 1963.

Lee made his own presence known on The Gifted in the pilot, which featured one of his signature cameos.

These kinds of Easter eggs are fun for fans. Executive producer Matt Nix says he's always trying to please his own inner fan.

"One of my favorite things to do with this show and one of the biggest joys of the show, in general, is finding ways to bring in aspects of the comics and aspects of the characters that, if you're familiar with the comics or whatever, and find new ways to do them," Nix tells ComicBook.com. "When I think about costume elements for all of the characters, there are aspects of that that I would love to bring in, but we need to find our own way to do it, because this isn't a uniform show. It would make any sense for people to run around in uniforms when they're supposed to be hiding from everybody. But at the same time, if there was an opportunity to put Xs on people's chests at some point, that would be super fun. I'm servicing my inner comic book reader with this show very much. I'm trying to be true to my younger self."

The Gifted will return to FOX in 2018.