'The Gifted' Star Teases Secondary Mutation Coming Soon

FOX's first foray into the X-Men universe continues to bring in fan-favorite characters and [...]

FOX's first foray into the X-Men universe continues to bring in fan-favorite characters and aspects from the comic book series, and one star just teased a deep cut for the future.

Actor Emma Dumont, who stars as Lorna Dane AKA Polaris on the new FOX series The Gifted, recently spoke with Cinema Blend about her character, teasing an evolution of her powers in an upcoming episode.

"After this whole finding out she's pregnant thing, I call it mother's adrenaline sort of kicks in, so everything changes for her after that emotionally, which means her powers change because she's feeling more," said Dumont, "but I think later on in the season, towards Episode 9, we actually see her powers totally change.

"It's almost like she's having a second manifestation of her powers. She had one when she was very young, and now it's almost like she's having a second one. And her powers change completely. She can do more things, she has different hand movements, she's stronger, she realizes she can do more. It's a whole transformation, and I'm excited to see what people think."

The series already had a couple of major teases toward Grant Morrison's classic New X-Men run from Marvel Comics, but this is another major tease toward one of the writer's contributions.

Secondary mutations were first established with Emma Frost and Beast; Emma was able into a solid diamond at will while Beast transformed into cat. Chuck Austen and Philip Tan also built on this concept in Austen's much maligned run on Uncanny X-Men, where he gave Angel healing blood in addition to his feathery wings.

It will be interesting to see how Lorna's abilities expand, considering a mastery of magnetism has been shown to be one of the most powerful abilities in the canon. Remember, she is considered to be the daughter of Magneto by the people who make the show, even though the series has yet to really explore that connection.

When will we learn more about Lorna's expanding power sets? Keep watching The Gifted, Mondays on FOX, to find out.