New Mutants TV Spot Reveals Cannonball's Powers, Magik's Sword, and Lockheed

20th Century Studios has released a new TV spot for The New Mutants. The spot offers a look at [...]

20th Century Studios has released a new TV spot for The New Mutants. The spot offers a look at Cannonball using his blasting powers, more of Magik's Soulsword and armor in action, and shows the tiny dragon we now know is Lockheed from the X-Men comics. There's also more of the terrifying villain Demon Bear. You can watch the spot below. The New Mutants takes inspiration from "The Demon Saga," the most popular New Mutants story. The film sees the teens trapped in a secret facility and fighting to stay alive. "It's tricky and I haven't seen the final cut of it," Taylor-Joy has said of the film's tone, "but the energy [around] while we were making it was different than from what people have seen before."

Director Josh Boone and writer Knate Lee pitched The New Mutants as a trilogy of movies. The project got underway in 2015. Since filming, the movie received several delays in its release. It is now scheduled for an April 2020 release, more than two years after the release date first given.

20th Century Studios released a new trailer for the film in January. The new trailer offered first looks at the villain Demon Bear, Magik's Soulsword and armor, and Lockheed. "You see a little bit of him there," Boone said of Lockheed. "I wouldn't say too much more, but I was pleased with how we had him in the world and had him as part of Illyana's story."

Boone directs the film from a script he co-wrote with the Knate Lee. Boone explained to the press during a set visit how The New Mutants fits into the larger X-Men movies timeline. "I'm sure in some world in the future, these things will all connect, but these movies will stand on their own," Boone said. "If you put all the X-Men kids from a PG-13 X-Men movie into Deadpool, it'd be a weird match. This is sort of the same way. I'd be interested to see how they were able to do that because the tone of ours is so different."

Producer Karen Rosenfelt described the setting as "Contemporary timeless. We don't define where we are, but it is today. It's contemporary. It's not way in the future and it's not in the past."

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