The New Mutants Star Says the X-Men Movie Is a Unique Superhero Story

When the first trailer was released for the X-Men spinoff movie The New Mutants, it was very obvious that the film would be unlike any other superhero movie released thus far. The movie's preview made it clear that it's leaning heavily into the horror aspects, furthering the X-Men movies expansion into different genres after Logan and Deadpool dominated at the box office and impressed fans. But The New Mutants is in a very unique situation, as it is the final movie in the series before Marvel Studios inevitably reboots the X-Men for their shared superhero universe.

But actress Anya Taylor-Joy insists that fans are in for something worthwhile when The New Mutants premieres, as it will be unlike any other superhero film that's been made thus far. The actress spoke at a set visit with press a couple of years ago before the movie's multiple delays.

"I think this is unlike any tone I've seen before on film in the sense that you've got a lot of things playing where, of course, we're superheroes, but Josh (Boone) is treating us very much like people," she said.
 "At the core of the story, you have all of these kids that are growing up so we're battling different things. It very much has the feel of a coming-of-age story and then you have the darkness that comes with that, moments of levity and then, of course, we all have powers. It's very unique."

The movie is apparently connected to the X-Men movies but will not display any overt ties to that series other than a few basic mentions, according to The New Mutants director Josh Boone.

"I'm sure in some world in the future, these things will all connect, but these movies will stand on their own," Boone explained. "If you put all the X-Men kids from a PG-13 X-Men movie into Deadpool, it'd be a weird match. This is sort of the same way. I'd be interested to see how they were able to do that because the tone of ours is so different."

Boone said the disconnect allows the filmmakers to tell their own stories in the X-Men franchise.

"There's references and things that happen that are part of the greater whole, but we very much wanted it to tonally and aesthetically stand on its own," Boone said. "It's very grounded and very credible and because we shot it in a real location, it just will never look like a typical comic book movie where there's a lot of green screen, and everything sort of looks like there's a painted sheen of CGI across it. We're really going for something not an indie movie, but a little more rough around the edges like that"


The New Mutants premieres in theaters one April 3rd.

[h/t Digital Spy]