Marvel's Kevin Feige and the Russo Brothers to Guest Star on Avengers-Themed Episode of The Simpsons

There has been a countless number of big celebrity cameos on The Simpsons over the course of its 30+ seasons. This time around, the beloved animated comedy is setting its sights on the iconic Avengers movie franchise and setting three of its biggest creators as quest stars. Marvel Studios head Kevin Fiege and Avengers: Endgame directors Joe and Anthony Russo will be appearing in an episode of The Simpsons later this season, riffing on the craze created by the record-breaking film.

TVLine's Michael Ausiello revealed this week that the Avengers-centric episode is titled "Bart and the Bad Guy" and is set to air on February 23rd. In the episode, Bart is mistaken for a child with a terminal illness and is granted the wish to see the upcoming sequel to the Vindicator superhero movie franchise before anyone else in the world. Bart then uses all of the films highly-guarded spoilers as blackmail to get whatever he wants.

The Russo Brothers will be voicing a pair of movie executives that will stop at nothing to shut down Bart's rumor blackmail. While it seems as though their characters will be a prominent part of the episode, Feige will have a much smaller cameo, but his is perhaps the funniest part of this entire gag.

Feige is voicing the villain of the Vindicator franchise, Chinnos. Yes, that is a joke about Thanos and his enormous chin, and the first photo of Chinnos takes that idea about as far as it could go. Essentially wearing Thanos' armor, Chinos is a blue-skinned alien warrior with approximately 37 chins. You can take a look at the first photo of Chinnos below.

(Photo: Fox)

This episode is going to be a must-see for all Marvel fans, so it's a bit disappointing that it doesn't arrive for a few more months.


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