The Simpsons Reveals First Look at Avengers: Endgame Directors Joe and Anthony Russo

When it comes to spoilers, there are few filmmakers who are as good as combating leaks as Joe and [...]

When it comes to spoilers, there are few filmmakers who are as good as combating leaks as Joe and Anthony Russo, the Marvel Studios directors who helmed both Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. Not only did they make sure that different versions of the scripts were given to different actors, but they also filmed different versions of scenes so that the actors themselves couldn't spoil some of the biggest scenes in the film — we're looking at you, Mark Ruffalo and Tom Holland. But then again, the Russo Brothers have never come up against Bart Simpson.

The minds behind the most successful films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are set to guest star in an episode of The Simpsons, and now we have their first look at the characters courtesy of TV Line. Take a look:

(Photo: FOX via TV Line)

In their episode of The Simpsons, the Russo Brothers will be behind the next film in the popular movie series Vindicator, which will put them up against Bart Simpson who attempts to leak the film's secrets.

Check out the description of the episode from TV Line below:

"In 'Bart the Bad Guy,' Bart manages — by way of a massive misunderstanding — to see an advance cut of the unreleased sequel of the extremely popular Vindicator superhero movie franchise. And he quickly discovers that he can leverage his recently procured spoiler knowledge as blackmail material. But when the studio execs behind the film learn of Bart's scheme, they vow to stop at nothing to silence him."

The Russo Brothers aren't the only Marvel Studios alums to make an appearance in the film, as mastermind Kevin Feige will also voice a character in the series. He'll be voicing the Vindicator's big villain Chinnos, who is aptly named an has a lot in common with the MCU big bad Thanos.

New episodes of The Simpsons airs on Sundays on FOX, but the episode "Bart the Bad Guy" will not premiere on the network until February 23rd.