Marvel Announces 'The Unstoppable Wasp'

Marvel Comics has announced that Nadia van Dyne is making a comeback with the return of her solo series The Unstoppable Wasp.

Jeremy Whitley, who wrote the first Unstoppable Wasp series, is back for its return and he's joined by artist Gurihiru for Nadia's new adventures. The series will have Nadia and the Agents of GIRL teaming up with Nadia's stepmother - the original Wasp, Janet van Dyne - to investigate a mysterious connection between Nadia's father - the original Ant-Man, Hank Pym - and the super science-based terrorism organization Advanced Idea Mechanics, aka AIM.

"They're science ladies having science adventures!" Whitley tells of Nadia and her friends in the new series. "All of our Agents of GIRL are back, and they're all on the same mission: to change the world through science. They're also going to be Nadia's back-up in the field in ways that are new to this volume. It's always useful to have four of the smartest scientists in the world in your earpiece, but we've got a few other ways for them to get in on the action.

"So much of the first volume was about assembling the team and saving Ying — this will be one of our first real chances to see GIRL in action out in the world. We're gonna have so much fun!"

Unstoppable Wasp

Whitley also teased that the series will touch on Nadia's history in the Red Room.

"Absolutely…" he said, "but I can't tell you here. They might be listening."

Gurihiru is joining the series fresh off of a popular run on Marvel's Gwenpool. Gurihiru and Whitley have teamed before on a short story in the Secret Wars: Secret Love anthology.

"I had the immense pleasure of working with Gurihiru once before on the first project I ever work on for Secret Wars: Secret Love," Whitley recalled. "I learned that Gurihiru have an amazing sense of style and that the project will probably be served best by me telling them what I need and letting them fill in the blanks. We went back and forth on the designs just a little, but only to get them finely attuned. I credit them with looking at Elsa [Charretier]'s work on the first volume and seeing how they could make those looks fresh and new. I think they've done a tremendous job."


Nadia is currently featured in Marvel's Ant-Man and the Wasp series from Mark Waid and Javier Garron. That series finds Nadia forced to team up with the current Ant-Man, Scott Lang after a botched rescue mission leaves them both lost in space.

The Unstoppable Wasp #1 goes on sale October 3rd.