Thor Gets a New Costume Fit for a King

There was a lot to process in Marvel's War of the Realms Omega #1, especially in regards to Asgard [...]

There was a lot to process in Marvel's War of the Realms Omega #1, especially in regards to Asgard and Thor. Thanks to the events of War of the Realms Thor has a whole new set of responsibilities on his shoulders, and we saw a bit of the effect that extra weight is having in War of the Realms Omega, specifically in a scene alongside Jane Foster as he looked upon the fallen Valkyries. That scene didn't just reveal his sadness though, as it also gave us a look at the now All-Father's new costume, and it's one befitting his new position.

At one point Thor walks into the hospital to meet Jane and see the fallen Valkyries, and he comes in with a tweaked suit. The costume retains the royal blue with gold accents look, but the big change is the cape. He's wearing a cape that is lined with fur, and paired with his silver helmet, arm, and gold eye patch it's quite an impressive upgrade and gives the suit a more kingly appearance.

You can check out the new costume in the image below.

(Photo: Marvel)

As you can see in the image, Thor's also holding Mjolnir once more, something that happened during the final issue of War of the Realms thanks to some smart thinking from Thor. He now doesn't have to have dozens of hammers at his side, as the true hammer has returned. You can get the whole story right here.

War of the Realms Omega #1 is written by Jason Aaron, Al Ewing, Daniel Kibblesmith, and Gerry Duggan and is drawn by Oscar Bazaldua, Juan Ferreyra, Ron Garney, and C Cafu. The official description is included below.

"THE WAR IS OVER – AND THE MARVEL UNIVERSE MUST PICK UP THE PIECES! Midgard is broken, and as heroes of Asgard and Earth alike start to sift through the pieces, new heroes — and villains — emerge. What's next for Jane Foster, now free of the hammer she was willing to die to hold? Thor's brother Loki faced a terrible fate in the War of the Realms — and now the god of mischief must make himself anew. For the Punisher, the war isn't even close to finished — but this time, he's got his own army. And for Thor himself, destiny has finally arrived. The God of Thunder strikes out for a whole new adventure!"

War of the Realms Omega #1 is in comic stores now.