Thor: Ragnarok Star Jeff Goldblum Reveals When He Lost His Virginity

There is a moment in every young man and woman's life which will never be forgotten -- and sometimes the story of it gets told on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Well, that part is only true if you're Jeff Goldblum, as the actor recalled the story of losing his virginity while appearing on the late night talk show. The actor who was recently confirmed to reprise his Thor: Ragnarok role of the Grandmaster in the What If...? series (and possibly in Thor: Love and Thunder) has had some memorable summers.

"This one is jam packed, all sorts of things, but I love summer," Goldblum told Colbert. "Summer saved my life. I was at a school in which I was a fish out of water, a strange fish, and then I went to Chattamusic Day Camp. I was in love with every member of the class. I played softball, did drama for the first time, and archery. I seemed to be good at everything. Badminton, arts and crafts. It was the first time I told Mrs. Motes, 'Mrs. Motes, I don't need your guidance.'"

However, it wasn't those early summers of finding a place to fit in which Goldblum remembers most fondly. In fact, there is one summer which was particularly hotter than the rest and it came later in his life. "Then, the first summer after I went to New York," Goldblum recalled. "The first and second year, I went to the Delacorte theater. My first professional job: Two Gentleman of Verona."

The play must have been pretty impressive, seeing as launching Goldblum's insanely impressive acting career isn't the only thing it helped launch. "Opening night, the first night of my first professional job, I lost my virginity," Goldblum said. "I was 18. Came off stage at the Delacorte theater."


As Stephen Colbert noted in response, there is certainly nobody like Jeff Goldblum.

What If...? is expected to arrive on Disney+ in Summer 2021. Thor: Love and Thunder hits theaters in November of 2021.