Marvel Already Has Plans For Two 'Thor: Ragnarok' Characters

The third movie in the Thor franchise is shaping up to be another hit for Marvel Studios, and though a lot of beloved characters are returning, the film will also introduce a slew of new characters.

And Marvel has a future lined up for two of those new characters who are sure to be breakouts in Thor: Ragnarok, with president Kevin Feige revealing he has ideas in mind.

"We have plans for Korg and Miek," said Feige in a conversation with Fandango. "When and where we'll have to wait and see, but we, like the audience now that they've seen them, can't get enough."

Director Taika Waititi, who also plays Korg in the new movie, intimated that the two characters could appear in something like the "Team Thor" videos that were produced while they were filming, or perhaps in a new One-Shot short.

"We were talking about doing a little spin-off," said Waititi. "Like one of these One-Shot short films with Korg and Miek… like [them] just going shopping and things."

When asked why Marvel Studios stopped producing One-Shot shorts a few years ago, Feige provided a reasonable explanation.

"The truth is we're a studio that has just recently gone from producing two movies a year to three movies a year, and we're very comfortable now with the arrangement we have making three movies a year," he said. "That doesn't leave a whole lot of room for other things like One-Shots."

Feige added that similar ideas are not unfeasible at this point, however.

"That being said, the 'Team Thor' short that Taika did with Darryl and Thor were great fun, and are quite doable, and in some parts helped redefine Thor into what he's become in Ragnarok in a fun way. So there might be opportunities for more things like that.”

When asked if he would reprise the role in a future film, Waititi joked about the possibility coming down to money.


"Yes, it all depends on whether they can meet Taika Waititi, the actor, exorbitant fees because Korg is now established in this film and if you want Korg you have to… cash up," he said. "The actor version doesn’t work without the director version."

Fans will get to see Korg and Miek when they debut in Thor: Ragnarok, premiering in theaters on November 3.