Kevin Feige Addresses Sif's Absence In 'Thor: Ragnarok'

Thor: Ragnarok is just a couple of weeks away, but fans are not too pleased about one [...]

Thor: Ragnarok is just a couple of weeks away, but fans are not too pleased about one Asgardian's absence from the film so far. In all the movie's trailers, Sif has yet to make an appearance, and the head of Marvel Studios is now addressing just where the heroine is.

Well, kinda-sorta.

During a recent interview with Screen Rant, Kevin Feige was asked directly about where Sif has been hiding as of late. The producer admitted he had been getting questioned about the Asgardian's appearance.

"You're the second person to ask me that question today, and I will quote Maz Kanada from Star Wars: The Force Awakens: 'That is a good question for another time,'" Feige said.

Obviously, the producer didn't give much of a direct answer or confirm if Sif is even referenced in the film. There was no sign of Jamie Alexander on the set of Thor: Ragnarok to hint Sif would be involved, and the actress did say she hadn't heard about the project once production started to get moving. Fans do know the Warriors Three will play a role in the film, but Sif may not be on Asgard when Hela comes to play.

Still, Feige does have an answer for what happened to Sif in light of Thor: The Dark World. The producer got a bit chatty with CinemaBlend during a recent interview, and Feige directly told the site what happened to the heroine:

"What has Loki been doing on that throne in guise of Odin? And we always liked the idea that he was doing a good job! He was doing a good, but shortsighted job. The trains were running on time, but he wasn't paying attention to anything else going on in the universe or in the realms. ... So that was always one idea. And the idea that he would have to get rid of Heimdall, because Heimdall can see everything. That was an idea - and probably the Warriors Three, to discount them... which is probably an answer to a question I've been asked a few times today: Sif was probably banished. She's off somewhere."

Of course, there are plenty of fans who will be less-than-happy to see Sif shifted in the Thor sequel. After all, many had hoped the Asgardian warrior would get a larger role in the franchise, but Jane Foster took the spotlight in more cases than not. When it was made clear the scientist was not returning to the Thor films, some had expected Sif to become the franchise's leading heroine and perhaps a love interest for Thor, but Thor: Ragnarok moved its gaze elsewhere. Instead, Valkyrie was brought into the MCU a la Tessa Thompson, and the heroine will team up with Thor to help take down Hela.

For those of you hoping for more Sif, Feige's words do seem to hint there's more coming for the heroine. The producer will have to own up to the Asgardian's role in the MCU sooner or later, so fans may catch back up with the character in Avengers 3 or 4.