Thor Ragnarok's Director Jokes About Needing Spider-Man's Head For the Film

Thor Spidey

Director Taika Waititi is packing a lot of content into his Marvel Studios debut Thor: Ragnarok. While specifics of the plot aren't known, the film will reportedly contain a blend of two fan favorite comic storylines, and fans are excited to see both play out on the silver screen.

The first is Ragnarok, which featured the death of the God's in Thor's main comic series, and Planet Hulk, where Hulk was sent away by the Avengers and ended up on a gladiatorial based planet. Both of these stories hold a special place in fan's memories, but according to Twitter, perhaps Waititi has something entirely new in mind.

John Watts, who is directing Spider-Man's return to the big screen next year in Spider-Man: Homecoming, tweeted to Waititi about the possibility of his lead hero appearing in Thor: Ragnarok.

"@TaikaWaititi Is Spidey gonna be in Thor: Ragnarok? Pls give a heads up bc it's a long flight and we still have a lot to shoot."

Evidently Waititi didn't want to leave the Director without his star for Homecoming, so he tweeted back "I just need his head. Send immediately."


Watts was disappointed by the news, but will accommodate the Directors request, even if it hurts him, as this wonderful GIF from Brad Pitt's Seven displays.

Would you like to see Spidey make an appearance in Thor: Ragnarok? Let us know in the comments.