Thunderbolts: Sam Rockwell Says a Potential MCU Return "Sounds Cool"

Iron Man 2 star Sam Rockwell says that a potential MCU return in Thunderbolts "sounds cool." In an interview with The Playlist, the Justin Hammer actor said he's be down to join the evil team. "Yeah, definitely," Rockwell admitted. "I would be into that. [Thunderbolts] sounds cool…[Hammer's] fun, he's a real Lex Luthor." When the squad was revealed, a lot of people wondered where the Iron Man villain went. It wasn't just his absence that triggered some questions, the absence of Abomination and Baron Zemo made some fans scratch their heads as well. If Kevin Feige is out there listening somewhere, Rockwell is ready to dance back onto that stage as Hammer whenever the call comes through. Marvel Studios has made a point to say that there are villains that haven't been announced or come up yet that will exist on the roster.

ExtraTV caught up with Bucky Barnes himself to discuss Thunderbolts. Sebastian Stan is happy to be back, but also acknowledged that this is a different kind of ensemble for the entire franchise. One question hovers over everything, are they good guys or bad guys?

"Well again, maybe that's what the movie is going to answer, right?" Stan pondered. "It's always interesting when you as an audience member have to maybe decide whether we are villains or heroes. But I think that's what compelling about the movie: it's very unconventional like that. So it starts out a little bit like 'Who's really the protagonist or antagonist,' I guess."

"I obviously feel incredibly lucky to even have a cast like this, and to get characters that have such richness and depth and to see what happens when they square off," Thunderbolts director Jake Schreier said backstage at D23 Expo." Stranger Things actor David Harbour, who plays the Russian super-soldier Red Guardian, added, "They might lose," to which Schreier replied, "Yeah, success is not guaranteed."

"It's actually going to be really nice to play the kind of painless strengths of Ghost and see where that takes her." Harbour chimed-in with the information that he will be getting a new suit in the Marvel Studios team-up. He feels like it will probably fit him a bit better than the Red Guardian suit that he debuted in Black Widow.

"You watch that Captain America and you see him in all these different movies, with the white star, the black star... I just want a full closet of suits, so I'm well on my way."

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