Tom Holland Won't Reveal His Favorite Soccer Club

If there's anything that the recent dust-up between Sony and Marvel over the film rights to Spider-Man has taught us, it's that there are plenty of fans who view comics and their related film and TV properties as basically the same as sports. You always have to have a team to root for -- and a team to root against. Maybe it's seeing that level of enthusiasm on the part of his day-to-day job that has Tom Holland a little reluctant to share his team loyalties when it comes to football (that's soccer for those of us in the States). He recently did a viral video with GQ and revealed a handful of personal secrets -- but balked at that one.

You can see the video above, and during a trip around the internet, where he created an e-mail address, attached it to a bunch of sites where commenting was enabled, and then answered fan questions that were about, but not really "for," him, he stopped at one where somebody suggested he supports Arsenal.

“This is not true at all. I played for the Arsenal vets once, and that’s not because I’m good at football, it’s because they were short that many players,” Holland said. “I am a fan of a football club but I will not tell anyone what it is because I don’t want to make people angry. You can probably guess who they are if you’re a football fan, but I’ve kept that pretty secret. I don’t know why, but no one really knows.”

Spider-Man: Far From Home is currently in its final weeks in theaters, complete with an extended cut. Holland has said that he already has a sense for what his third stand-alone Spider-Man movie is. That will film soon and be released along with more planned Spidey films in Sony's upcoming portfolio, including Venom 2 (directed by MCU veteran Andy Serkis) and the upcoming Morbius film starring Jared Leto. Sony possesses the movie rights to roughly 900 Marvel Comics characters and is now in various stages of planning on numerous Spidey spinoffs, including Morbius, Kraven the Hunter and Black Cat. Whatever characters are planned for Spider-Man 3, Holland said the next movie will be “something very different.”