Tom Holland Wants To Appear On Euphoria With Zendaya

Tom Holland would love to appear on Euphoria with Zendaya. The Spider-Man: No Way Home star did an interview with IMDB with his girlfriend where he explained how hard he's campaigned for a spot on the HBO program. Zendaya clearly knows Holland wants to be on the show and promised to try and help. However, it doesn't look like the Spider actor made it for Season 2. With another salvo of episodes being announced yesterday, maybe there's hope for a small cameo in Season 3. Fans will have to keep waiting to see if it would happen. Funnily enough, it's not like Holland would be able to play a big role or anything. This kind of Easter Egg would basically be just for fans of the couple as they move into post-No Way Home space. Check out what the Marvel star told the outlet down below.

"Listen, I have been petitioning for this for a long time and it has not happened yet and I'm very disappointed," Holland joked. "I must have come to visit Euphoria at least 30 times this season."

"We should've tried to, like, easter egg, put you in there," Zendaya explained before trying to smooth it over. "OK, let me talk to some people. HBO! Let's get them on the phone."

Previously, in a conversation with Collider, Holland reiterated his desire to pop up on the wildly popular show. But, this time with an added wrinkle.

"I'd love to be in Euphoria, but with Jacob Batalon," the Spider-Man star said. "I'd love for us to just be in the background of one of Zendaya's scenes, just because they're two of my best friends and I would love to do anything with them, but also I love that show so it'd be nice to be a part of that."

Holland has also been talking about teaming up with another No Way Home star recently. He told The Hollywood Reporter that he would love to work with Charlie Cox again in the MCU.

"Working with Charlie was incredibly exciting. I was a big fan of the Daredevil series, and I think he's a fantastic actor," Holland began. "He's done a wonderful job with that character, and albeit it was a small cameo, it obviously teased the future of what could be. It was a real actors' piece, that scene. We blocked the scene, which was essentially us just sitting there, and we read the lines. It was great. It felt like an actors' workshop while working with people I really look up to, and Charlie was a lot of fun."


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