'Us' Star Evan Alex Wants to Play Black Panther and Storm's Son in 'Black Panther 2'

Some actors work hard for many years before they get their big break, so it's impressive when a [...]

Some actors work hard for many years before they get their big break, so it's impressive when a child star achieves such a feat in one of their first movies. And after starring in Jordan Peele's latest horror hit Us, 10-year-old actor Evan Alex already has his sights set on the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

While speaking with Vulture, Alex revealed that he wants to "be a superhero." When asked which one, he had a fitting answer considering his onscreen father in Us is Winston Duke.

"I want to be in Black Panther 2," Alex exclaimed, revealing he wants to be the alt-future son of T'Challa and X-Men member Storm. "I want to be Azari."

When asked if he'd challenge T'Challa for the throne, Alex debunked the notion by pointing out his character would not have to.

"Why I gotta challenge for the throne when I'm the prince of Wakanda?!"

In the comics, Azari is born from the union between Storm and Black Panther and becomes a member of the Next Avengers. He has the powers of the Panther from ingesting the Heart Shaped Herb, as well as the ability to manipulate electricity; he does not have full control over the weather, like his mother.

If Marvel Studios does decide to go this route, Alex already has a good working relationship with Duke, who played M'Baku, after starring in Us together. But the young actor admitted that his movie dad did frighten him when they were filming some scenes for the horror film.

"I was scared of Winston for sure. It's his makeup, and he's really tall," Alex said. "And when he's in bad form [as doppelgänger Pluto's father, Abraham], he has this long beard and he's huffing and puffing, and it's just really scary. But Winston is really nice."

Alex also admitted that Duke liked to mess with him on set, giving him "acting tips."

"Like, I usually don't listen to Winston. I told him, 'If I listen to you, you're taking the blame for me, aren't you?' And he's like, 'If I get you in trouble with Jordan, fine, whatever.' And then he got me into trouble because I did everything wrong just listening to him! And Jordan was like, 'Your first mistake was listening to Winston.'"

Maybe Duke will get the chance to mess with Alex again on the set of Black Panther 2.

Us is now playing in theaters.