Marvel Announces New Venom Series

Marvel is launching a new Venom series this fall. Following teases last week, Marvel Comics [...]

Marvel is launching a new Venom series this fall. Following teases last week, Marvel Comics announced today that Al Ewing, Ram V, and Bryan Hitch would succeed Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman as stewards of the symbiote antihero. The new Venom comic book launches in November. Marvel's announcement promises that Ewing will bring the same game-changing style that's made Immortal Hulk a critical and commercial success to this run on Venom alongside his collaborators. Ram V is known for his work on These Savage Shores, Justice League Dark, Catwoman, and Blue in Green. Hitch is the iconic artist who helped define the look of superhero comics in the 21st century through his work on The Authority and The Ultimates.

"When my editors at Marvel reached out about taking on Venom alongside Al Ewing and Bryan Hitch, I was not prepared for the kind of creative thrill it has been ever since," Ram V says. "This story is going to expand and push the symbiote narrative and lore in even more unexpected and fantastic directions. It is also an utter thrill having the sort of call and response mechanic I've had with a writer like Al and an artist of Bryan's caliber. Fans and new readers, strap in— you ain't seen nothin' yet."

Venom Marvel Comics 2021 Teaser Bryan Hitch
(Photo: Marvel)

Fans can get their first taste of the new era of Venom when Marvel's Free Comic Book Day 2021: Spider-Man/Venom releases into comic book stores on Free Comic Book Day, August 14th. You can see teasers for the series above and below. The first teaser hints at a cosmic adventure for Venom following the events of King in Black.

King in Black saw Eddie Brock, Venom's best-known host, die and become reborn thanks to the God of Light called the Enigma Force. Now he is the new God of the Symbiotes after vanquishing Knull.

Venom Marvel Comics 2021 Teaser
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Another former Venom host, Flash Thompson, returned from the dead during King in Black. Thompson is the hero who once ventured into space to become a Space Knight and a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Both Venom hosts are now on the table for the new creative team to use in their upcoming story.

What do you think of Marvel's new Venom creative team? Are you excited for a new era of Venom to begin? Let us know in the comments section. Free Comic Book Day: Spider-Man/Venom releases on August 14th at comic shops participating in the Free Comic Book Day event. The new Venom run launches in November.