Marvel Teases Big News Coming This Week

Marvel has big news to share with fans in the coming week. Several Marvel Comics creators have [...]

Marvel has big news to share with fans in the coming week. Several Marvel Comics creators have hinted at things to come. Thor and Venom writer Donny Cates has been building hype for a new mystery project by vague-tweeting about it. On May 28th, he finally gave a timeline. "Man, I'm having so much fun on this new Marvel book I'm doing, I can't wait anymore," he tweeted. "I know Marvel won't like this but...I'm just going to go ahead and announce it next week." That started a chain reaction of sorts (likely planned). Artist Ryan Ottley (Amazing Spider-Man, Invincible) piling on to Cates' tease by tweeting, "I doubt Marvel would be MORE made if you just announced it NOW compared to next week. Just tell them, Donny!"

Marvel Comics editor-in-chief C.B. Cebulski held the creators back. That only prompted writer Ram V (Justice League Dark, Catwoman) to hint that he has an upcoming Marvel project in the works with Al Ewing (Immortal Hulk, SWORD) and Bryan Hitch (The Ultimates, The Authority). He tweeted, "Announcements, you say? Next week?! Funny, Al Ewing, Bryan Hitch and I have something big on the way too." Hitch offered in reply, "That thing? NOBODY will want to know about that! Who wants a story THAT epic, cool and fun? Grab some popcorn chaps, let's watch the Internet explode...!"

Finally, Tom Taylor (X-Men Red, Suicide Squad) got in on the act. He tweeted, "We're announcing our next Marvel books? Oh, great! So, I should just go now, right, CB Cebulski?"

The official Marvel Twitter account capped everything off. It confirmed, "Big news next week, True Believers."

All of the projects teased may be independent, but the joint attempt at drumming up buzz suggests they may be linked. Also, since Marvel already released its August 2021 solicitations, whatever these projects are will probably not appear in stores until September.

Marvel is currently publishing its Heroes Reborn event. Ewing is writing the X-Men and Guardians of the Galaxy crossover "The Last Annihilation." Could these creators be involved in a new Marvel event launching in the fall? Fans won't have to wait long to find out.

What do you think Marvel is going to announce in the coming week? Let us know what you think it could be in the comments section, and keep your eyes on for more news and information when Marvel makes the announcement.