'Venom' Fan Art Imagines the Showdown With Spider-Man We Need

The new superhero movie Venom is currently tearing up the box office, though some fans are somewhat disappointed that it isn't tying into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. More specifically, they're upset that Spider-Man isn't in it.

While there's always a chance that Tom Holland's wall crawler could mix it up with Tom Hardy's lethal protector in a future film, we'll have to wait a long time before it finally happens. Luckily, SpdrMnkyXXIII produced a piece of fan art to tide us over.

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Updated version. Made some changes you guys suggested. #Spiderman #Venom

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This image makes a lot of welcome changes, including a more accurate spider emblem on Venom's back (and presumably his chest, too), as well as including Delmar in the bodega where Venom and Spidey clash.

This just raises hope that we could possibly see these two eventually fight — and maybe even team up — in a future film.

While many fans were clamoring for Venom to be rated R in order to be a violent and bloody affair, that would have restricted any future appearance of Spider-Man in a sequel, given that the character is a big draws for families and youngsters.

Venom director Ruben Fleischer also has hopes for Spider-Man to appear in an apparent sequel, as evidenced by his answer when we asked what character's he'd like to see in the future.

"I think there's a pretty obvious one inherent to the Venom franchise that for whatever reason couldn't be included in the film but I will say that I look forward to future movies where said character could perhaps run across Venom. Nothing would be more exciting to see than a face off with Spider-Man," Fleischer told ComicBook.com.

The director also expressed admiration for Holland's take on the character, praising what Marvel Studios has done with the character ever since they introduced him into the MCU.

"I will say I think Tom Holland is a fantastic Spider-Man. I really loved Homecoming, I'm really excited for [Spider-Man: Far From Home]," said Fleischer. "I'm friends with Jon Watts and I've met Tom Holland and I know that he and [Venom star Tom] Hardy are excited to go toe to toe so that would be a version I personally would be very excited about."

Hopefully Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures can flesh out their current deal and figure out a way to get these two on screen together for a future film.


Venom is now playing in theaters.