House of M: Will WandaVision Introduce Mutants to the MCU?

The entire Marvel Cinematic Universe may have been pushed back by more than a year due to the pandemic, but the beloved franchise is finally kicking things back into gear on Friday morning with the debut of WandaVision, the first TV series produced by Marvel Studios. The series tells the story of Scarlet Witch and Vision, although the latter died in Avengers: Infinity War, and it's clear from the promotional material that nothing about their life in WandaVision is as it seems. Something is most definitely wrong, and many fans have theorized that the series is a play on the House of M comic event, in which Wanda altered the reality of the entire world in order to create personal happiness for everyone.

A lot of evidence points to House of M being part of the framework of WandaVision, which leads to the next logical train of thought for anyone who has read the Brian Michael Bendis comic series: Are there going to be mutants in WandaVision?

Until recently, Marvel Studios legally couldn't use the "M" word in its projects, because the mutant characters from Marvel Comics belonged solely to Fox. Since Disney purchased Fox, that is no longer the case, and there can now be mutants in the MCU. Let's also remember that Scarlet Witch is a mutant herself, they just weren't able to say that in the movies.

House of M is about Wanda altering the reality of the entire world, creating a place where many of her closest allies saw their dreams come true. Mutants became the majority of the globe's population and Magneto ruled over it all. When it all inevitably came crashing down, Wanda decided there should be no more mutants at all, and turned the world into a place where almost all mutants lost the genes that gave them their powers.

Wanda's ability to alter reality looks to be at the core of WandaVision, as she is likely connected to the strange world in which she and Vision live in throughout the series. House of M saw the creation of achieved dreams, and her ideal world would contain a Vision that is still alive for her to love. That all makes sense, and it could eventually help explain the appearance or absence of mutants in the entire MCU. This could be a sort of switch on the House of M tale that ends with Wanda breaking her reality and waking up the mutant gene in people all around the world, which would set into motion the events of the MCU for the next decade. That's just a theory, but it goes to show just how many different stories can be told using Wanda's powers as a plot device.

As much sense as it all makes, though, it seems unlikely that the introduction of mutants in the MCU would take place in WandaVision, just based on everything the franchise has coming up in the next couple of years. A mention of mutants or some kind of credits tease might indicate at their arrival, but don't expect to see Magneto popping by the Vision house for dinner.


That being said, whatever happens to the fabric of reality in WandaVision will have lasting effects on the character and the franchise as whole, so prepare to see ripple effects in the future. That's where you'll want to look for a mutant debut.

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