WandaVision Episode 8: Mutant Gene Teased, Vision Body Explained

WandaVision Episode 8 seems to have teased the mutant gene exists in the MCU and Agatha's backstory has me asking what in the Harry Potter heck is going on here! It's wild to think we only have one episode left when it feels like just yesterday we were starving for MCU content, the good news is we will continue to have videos just like this when when The Falcon and The Winter Soldier starts up and we still have episodes of Phase Zero every Friday on all major podcast platforms. Let's get to the WandaVision Easter eggs, comic ties, and spoilers, shall we?

Episode 8, Previously On, is a look back at Wanda's all too tragic life. The sitcom of it all is explained by memories Wanda has been suppressing because they are so traumatic, but she used to watch all of the shows that ended up inspiring the early episodes of WandaVision and that framed her perspective of what a perfect life would be, so when she had lost control of her grief, she let it all out and her powers took over Westview -- not only turning the whole town, including the gazebo from the Gilmore Girls, into a spruced up location but also creating her own Vision. I'm guessing the theme of the town being so run down, by the way, is a reference to the post-Thanos snap state of the world, seeing as this is less than 2 weeks after Endgame.

Interesting to notice that Norm was trying to learn piano and in Wanda's world knows how to play. Debra Jo Rupp's Mrs. Hart was left to sit alone but in Wanda's world is happily with her husband. The pizza delivery man seemed to be unhappily hustling for a job and in Wanda's world has his own delivery service. It seems she tried to make everyone's lives better.

(Photo: Marvel Comics / Visionquest)

At SWORD HQ a couple of weeks ago, Wanda actually reacted pretty reasonably to seeing that Vision's body was being torn apart in a full on nod to the VisionQuest comic book panels. When she tried to put power into his head where the Mind Stone once was, she said she can't feel him… and that's a callback to Infinity War where she said, "I just feel you," when they were living happily, which Vision repeated when they realized she had to kill him.

There was also the "Welcome Home" line when Wanda fully realized this new world, which sent me straight back to 2008 and Iron Man where Paul Bettany told Tony Stark, "Welcome home, sir," as JARVIS.

Wanda was able to do all of this with Chaos Magic, which is essentially any ability to create and recreate reality as you see fit. This implies that a House of M situation might be upon us if Wanda snaps any harder and makes the entire universe whatever it is she desires.

(Photo: Marvel Studios / Disney+)

Now, at the top of the article, I hooked you in by essentially saying mutants are in the MCU. That seems true or at least possibly teased in this episode. I've talked before about how an MCU canon book explained Wanda's powers were not given to her by the Mind Stone but "unlocked" by the Mind Stone. I know a lot of you were like, "Oh, yeah, well, that's just a book. It doesn't count." Well, it definitely does now and Agatha spelled it out after we saw Wanda have her powers unlocked by the Mind Stone in a scene set just before the post-credits scene from Captain America: The Winter Soldier. This means the mutant gene could already have been in Wanda, it just took the Mind Stone to amplify it for her to use said mutant powers.

I also think that Wanda used her mutant powers as a kid before they, as Agatha said, would have died on the vine. She reached out to that Stark Industries bomb -- which had a red blinking light to explain the Stark Industries Toaster commercial -- and it really looked like she was going to witch it away but she thinks she never did. How else could they have survived?

Speaking of Agatha, she is a full on Agatha Harkness now and a full-on villain so much so that her own mom was trying to kill her back in 1693 in Salem, Massachusetts. Part of this is really straight from the comics as Agatha has been literally burnt at the stake for being a witch but she is much older in the books, like she was around when Atlantis was above water. In the MCU, it seems she's much younger, and also pursued by the witch coven for being a little baddie and breaking their rules, rather than the traditional Salem Witch Trials for being a witch.

wandavision agatha harkness salem witch trials
(Photo: Marvel Studios)

Interesting thing here is that Wanda's powers are red, Agatha's powers are purple. Agatha's mother's powers are blue, the Vision's existence and creation is yellow, and Doctor Strange's powers are orange - and this is a very distinct parallel to the colors of the Infinity Stones. Bet you right now if we get Nightmare in the MCU, there's some green energy coming off of that demon.

When Agatha drains absorbs all of the energy of the witches, they basically have their life fade away, just like the kid in that Yo-Magic commercial, just like the Nexus commercial references Wanda's now-explained powers as a Nexus Being like she is in comics, being able rewrite reality in pretty much any way she wants.

Agatha also says Pietro is Fietro, aka Fake Pietro, not to be confused with Fox Pietro, because it seems like the fact that Evan Peters played Quicksilver in both the Fox MArvel movies and now in the MCU could amount to nothing more than multiverse theory bait -- and guess what -- it worked. I talked about it every week. You tweeted about it. We all dug in with our own theories. But there's only one episode left to give some meaning to the face Quicksilver is wearing and it seems like it might be nothing more than Aaron Taylor-Johnson all turning down a return.

If you stayed through the credits like a real Marvel fan, you would see that Project Cataract was truly a reference to "Double Vision." The Vision in Westview is a creation by Wanda and Vision's body back at SWORD HQ has been transformed into a White Vision, which in comics is essentially a murder machine weapon because it has Vision's powers but not his humanity. This is seemingly the character Paul Bettany was teasing and the actor he kept saying he's always wanted to work with, well… looks like it's himself.

Either way, Wanda has officially been called thee Scarlet Witch, her character title from Marvel Comics and we got our first look at her as a full blown Scarlet Witch -- safe bet we see this in te finale and in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

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