WandaVision Fan Spots Possible Reference to Mephisto in Series Finale

WandaVision is over, but that hasn't stopped the fan theories. In fact, it is just possible that nothing will stop them. This time around? Fans are convinced that, even thuogh they spent every episode looking for signs of Mephisto but never found him, the WandaVision finale might have actually had a hidden nod to Marvel's devilish villain. That's because an off-kilter nod to Proctor and Gamble is leaving fans speculating as to just who "M&B" might be -- and to some, the most obvious candidates are Mephisto and the supernatural Marvel villain Blackheart, best known as an antagonist of characters like Ghost Rider.

In the comics, Mephisto is a more all-purpose Marvel villain, serving as the publisher's surrogate for the biblical Devil. He has a long connection to Scarlet Witch in particular, though.

At one point, Wanda used Mephisto's soul to breathe life into her twin sons -- characters who appeared in WandaVision. They disappeared at the end of the show (only for Wanda to later hear them calling out for help, suggesting they are still alive, or at least accessible to her powers) -- something that led some to suspect that whatever Wanda does next, Mephisto will play a role.

The finale may have underscored that -- or it may just be yet another example of fans seeing what they want to see, rather than what's there. Either way, here's why some think Mephisto and Blackheart got a low key name drop in the finale.

During Wanda and Agatha's big fight, Agatha reads from the Darkhold. During this, she's standing in front of a billboard for a cleanser called Squeaky Shine -- and in the top right-hand corner of that billboard is a note that it can be found at M&B Hardware -- with the "M&B" logo prominently displayed.

Either backing up the fans' idea that the dark forces of Mephisto and Blackheart were there all along...or supporting the idea that people are reading way too much into this...is the fact that the Squeaky Shine billboard first appeared in the show's second episode, suggesting that throughout the decades, that was one of the edifices that remained relatively constant in Wanda's fantasy world.


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