WandaVision: Important Jimmy Woo Detail Will Be Big Later

Marvel fans watching WandaVision might have been too caught up in the excitement of Jimmy Woo learning the card trick he saw Scott Lang pulling off in Ant-Man to catch an important little detail. A subtle line of dialogue seems to be more than just the reason Randall Park's character flew coast to coast to join an investigation. Someone whose identity has not yet been revealing has traveling to Westview, New Jersey (despite locals claiming it did not exist before) as a part of a witness protection program and gone missing. Jimmy Woo is on the case as he was a part of their assignment to this location.

During an interview with ComicBook.com, Park was asked if the identity of this missing person will be a factor down the line. "That's a good question," he said. "That's a good question that I will just leave a question." So, in other words, yes, right? If a member of the Marvel Studios family can't talk about something, that typically means there is a level of importance to the subject which would be deemed as a spoiler. Still, props to Park for not ruining anything when he was likely fielding spoiler-y questions from the media all day.

But here we are... left wondering who this missing person from Oakland is and why they will matter in the context of WandaVision or the MCU in general.

The easy sign would be they are a former HYDRA agent who has abandoned the villainous group and offered up information in exchange for their own freedom. HYDRA is an omnipresent thread in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It could be someone like Sonny Burch, who was a villain in Ant-Man and The Wasp with ties to HYDRA as he was looking to sell technology which he referred to as the next "gold rush." Then again, maybe Darren Cross somehow survived being shrunken down in Ant-Man and his HYDRA dealings on the rise to being Yellowjacket got him sent to Westview (probably not, though). Villains are the obvious guess here, especially if the uncommon theory of Westview being an MCU version of Pleasant Hill come to fruition.

Looking at what has been presented in WandaVision, there are a number of options within Westview who could turn out to be the missing person. When SWORD collected all of the information on characters they observed within the sitcom being broadcast, Agnes mysteriously had no real world identity and Dottie was not featured on the character board, at all. She had distinctly shown up in several scenes, though.

There seems to be a chance that some of the people in Westview have had their appearance altered, similar to te SWORD agent who was transformed into a beekeeper, his harness which became a jump roper, and Monica's drone which seemingly became the miniature helicopter Wanda found in color in thee bushes outside of her house.

One thing is for sure: Randall Park knows all of the answers. "The first meeting I had with Jac Schaeffer, the head writer, this was after that, I obviously found out that they were interested in having Jimmy Woo back," Park says. "And I was like, 'Yes', right away, you know. No question. And then they called me in to break down the show to me, the idea. And I was... blown away. And they pretty much had this thing conceptualized from you know, from pretty early on. The sitcom elements all that, you know. This anomaly in Westview, you know. I mean all of these things were pretty much there. So for me, it was just that one meeting, sitting in that conference room being told essentially the whole story, was really mind-blowing."


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