WandaVision: Catch Up On Vision's Journey So Far

Vision’s is gearing up for another reboot in the MCU, but it’s been a complicated journey so far. To take a complete look back our favorite talking toaster in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Vision, you would have to watch Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America: Civil War, and Avengers: Infinity War. Technically, The Vision started as JARVIS, so you’d also have to hear his voice in Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Iron Man 3, The Avengers, and everywhere else with Tony Stark in it!. We're too close to WandaVision now and you probably don’t have time for all that! So, here’s a quick refresher.

The Vision’s journey truly began when Ultron, the artificially intelligent robot jerk created by Tony Stark wanted a more real body for himself. The Avengers got the body, Mind Stone in the forehead and all, and debated what to do with it until Thor decided to officially become Vision's daddy. Vision was brought to life by the lightning of Thor’s hammer -- which he is worthy of holding, the same way an elevator would be.

Vision’s powers include superstrength, flight, and density manipulation -- which essentially fuels the others as he can make himself or any one part of his body light enough to float or heavy enough to drop through the strongest metals, except maybe Vibranium. We haven’t tested that yet.

Vision ends up joining the Avengers in a fight against Ultron, using his Mind Stone beam and other powers in the battle, and ultimately kills the last bit of Ultron in the woods. It’s a pretty dark origin story that he had to kill his creator but it’s only going get darker.

Vision ends up joining Team Iron Man during the big Civil War because he believes the super beings invite challenge and challenge incites conflict and conflict breeds catastrophe, something he says to sound all super-robotic and smart. He ultimately fights on the airport tarmac in Germany and accidentally shoots James Rhodes out of the sky, leaving War Machine himself paralyzed from the waist down. Vision is usually pretty precise with things like aim, considering he’s a robot, so Tony has to ask how he missed -- and he admits he was distracted, an indication that he is truly AI and has developed feelings for Wanda who was hurt on the battlefield at the time. Vision takes some time to sit with what he’s done back at Avengers HQ before he runs away with Wanda to another country.

He is attacked and the only tech to heal him is in Wakanda, so he heads to the hidden African nation with Wanda, Cap, Widow, and Falcon where Shuri starts trying to take the Mind Stone out of his head before Thanos can rip it out and kill him. No luck though, because Wanda ends up having to destroy the Stone since she’s the only one powerful enough, and Thanos ends up using the Time Stone to reverse this and take the Stone and essentially kill the Vision for the second time.


So, the world's smartest USB drive has officially been unplugged, but will somehow be returning in WandaVision. Some notable differences from the comics could come into play, like Vision having been given the same consciousness of Simon Williams aka Wonderman, though in this case it would likely be JARVIS, Tony Stark, and Bruce Banner as they helped design his constructs.

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