WandaVision Concept Artist Reveals Look at Pivotal Vision vs. Vision Scene

WandaVision’s finale featured White Vision and normal Vision squaring off, but a Marvel artists [...]

WandaVision's finale featured White Vision and normal Vision squaring off, but a Marvel artists just gave fans a look at their big showdown. Anthony Francisco is a Senior Visual Development Artist for Marvel Studios, and he posted the wild concept art on Twitter. In his post, the Vision from Westview is trying to evade his counterpart's white forehead beam. There were more than enough beam struggles in the final of WandaVision. But, with this new piece of concept art,you really get a feel for their massive fight in the sky. Down below you can see Wanda and Agatha Harkness ready to begin their scrap as well. The galaxy distortion effect used for Wanda's powers is just cool to see as the other parts of the town a re a bit worse for wear. Also of note is the old TV signal effect used to signify the Hex's borders around Westview. There;s so much to love about Francisco's work, and he thanked people for allowing him to contribute to the hugely-popular series.

He wrote on Twitter, "I finally got the go ahead from @MarvelStudios leadership to post my keyframe for #WandaVision thank you @Kevfeige @louisde2 Victoria Alonzo and Mary Lovanos. @andyparkart who designed #ScarletWitch and lead the art team for this project thanks for assigning me this keyframe!"

Paul Bettany spoke about the challenges of playing two Visions on-screen recently with Marvel.com.

"To differentiate between the two characters in a way that didn't just feel superficial... I mean, of course, one is purple, and one is white, so you have that going for you," Bettany began. "But I wanted [The Vision] to be familiar and yet at the same time kind of intimidating. And for some reason, I was really intimidated by the idea. I kept putting off dealing with it because I knew we weren't shooting it till later. I was letting some ideas percolate because he has a very quick arc for where The Vision needs to go. He has a big turn to get through. I was really frightened of it!"

Bettany added, "I have to learn his side of the fight. He would have to learn my side, and then we'd swap. It was all very confusing," continued Bettany. "And then it was really confusing with the — I don't know it must be a three, four-page dialogue scene, which is [a lot]. We had this huge scene together. I couldn't learn it. I'm good at learning lines. I couldn't learn. And then I realized, 'Oh, I'm trying to learn both things at once.'"

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