WandaVision: White Vision's Marvel Comics History Explained

WandaVision has set the stage for a finale battle that star Paul Bettany has been hyping up for weeks: Vision vs. Vision. The "soul" of Vision that Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) created for her Hex Bubble world is on a collision course with the White version of Vision's physical body, which was rebuilt by SWORD. Marvel Cinematic Universe fans probably have a lot of questions about what this White Vision is all about, and why so many Marvel Comics diehards are going crazy at the sight of the character. Well, Vision's white body has some big Marvel Comics history that could become game-changing MCU developments in WandaVision's finale.

Vision's white body first appeared in the '80s Avengers West Coast storyline "Vision Quest", which even mainstream WandaVision viewers have probably heard mentioned at this point. That series saw a government agency kidnap Vision and dismantle him and wipe his mind clean of its personality. Scarlet Witch and other West Coast Avengers tracked Vision down only to find a heartless machine that attacks them. Eventually, the Avengers rebuild Vision in his white body form, but the personality matrix that made him the "man" Scarlet Witch loved is gone, and Vision is much more a blank-slate emotionless android.

WandaVision White Vision Marvel Comics Origin Explained

You can see how this pivotal Marvel Comics story has major ramifications for WandaVision's finale. Even if SWORD's White Vision is defeated, it will be a hard dose of reality for Wanda that her "Viz" is nothing but an illusion, while the his actual body has been desecrated. In the comics, Vision's "reboot" lead Wanda to a bad place, as her twin sons Billy and Tommy vanish soon after, leading to the revelation that villains Agatha Harkness, the devil Mephisto, and time master Immortus are all involved in manipulating these events of Wanda and Vision's lives, as part of larger cosmic games being played across the multiverse.

Even if your favorite WandaVision theory doesn't come true by the end of the show, White Vision is a big signal that so many larger things inspired Marvel Comics history could still be on the horizon. Immortus seems like an inevitable reveal, as he's part of the story of confirmed MCU Phase 4 villain, Kang the Conqueror (Jonathan Majors).