Who Dies in X-Men: Dark Phoenix

After nearly 20 years on the big screen, the X-Men movie franchise finally comes to a dramatic close with the release of Dark Phoenix. The film has the unenviable task of wrapping up the storylines for many beloved characters, but given the nature of the Phoenix Force there's likely to be a lot of death on the horizon.

Now that Dark Phoenix is out in theaters, we now know who survives and who succumbs in the brand new film. So do the X-Men get a happy ending before their inevitable reboot, or is there too much blood to move on?

Warning: Spoilers for X-Men: Dark Phoenix below.

One of the biggest deaths in the franchise was spoiled months ago with the release of the first full-length trailer, which showed Mystique getting blasted by Jean Grey followed by her crying about possibly killing her friend. Director Simon Kinberg confirmed Mystique's death shortly after, making it clear that this is the end of the shape-shifter's story.

They weren't lying, as Mystique dies early on in the film when the X-Men attempt to save Jean and bring her back from the brink. But she's already possessed by the Phoenix Force and in her frustration uses a powerful blast to push Mystique away. Unfortunately, she gets impaled and dies surrounded by the mutants she helped train.

It seems like that would portend a lot more bloodshed, but the only other major deaths come at the film's climax, when Jean finally regains control of her abilities and rejects the manipulations of Vuk, the film's villain played by Jessica Chastain.

When it seems like all hope is lost, Jean takes control of the situation and takes hold of Vuk, flying high into the sky. Releasing the full abilities of the Phoenix Force in a massive blast, Jean practically explodes on Vuk, destroying their foe but also sacrificing herself in the process.


But given the nature of the Phoenix Force, one might assume that Jean has a chance at resurrection. The film touches up on this concept, with the Phoenix Force streaking through the sky while Charles Xavier and Magneto play a game of chess. But without another film to follow up, that event will be left up to audiences' imaginations.

Dark Phoenix is now playing in theaters.