Winston Duke Has High Hopes for Marvel's M'Baku Plans in Black Panther 2

After the billion dollar box office of the first film, a Black Panther 2 was all but assured with Marvel Studios officially announcing the project at last year's San Diego Comic-Con. Since then the only update has been a release date (the sequel will be released on May 6, 2022, four years after the first). The public and fans aren't the only ones Marvel Studios isn't updates to, even the cast of the movies aren't sure what's going on. Speaking in a new interview, Winston Duke, who plays the character M'Baku, said he hasn't heard anything about the movie but trusts Marvel Studios to make it right.

"Not a glimpse," Duke told The Hollywood Reporter about what he's heard for the sequel. "We're just waiting to see where it goes. I've seen nothing, I've heard nothing, I haven't been told a thing. I just trust that they're going to invest in M'Baku and tell a really bold story."

When audiences first met M'Bakuin the 2018 film he functioned as an antagonist to the titular character but only for the events of the first film to force them to set aside their differences to fight for a common good. After Black Panther they fought alongside each other in both Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. Duke seems to think that he could make another heel turn though as he previously said he thinks the character could go back to being one of the villains for the sequel

"[M'Baku] is a hero, but he has so much going on. I think what makes a really great villain is that they have the power of seeing things their own way, and they can define their own circumstances," Duke previously told ScreenRant. "And that's what's really cool about all the MCU villains so far as well. Loki always sees things his own way, and he chooses when he's going to be an ally or an antagonist. Thanos always had the power of self-definition. That's his greatest strength. It wasn't the rings, it wasn't his superpower or the fighting."

He added, "It's that he made his mind up and said, 'This is how I define justice.' Because he wasn't a bad guy; he's just a dude who was seeking ultimate justice and balance. That's not bad. But he defined it himself, and all the really great villains that Marvel interrogates always have that ability, so they can go anywhere."


We're still two years from the release of Black Panther 2 so updates on the film may not become regular for a many more months. For the time being, check back here for updates on the project as we learn them.