Wonder Man: Why Evan Peters May Be the Grim Reaper (and Not Actually Ralph Bohner)

As it stands at this current point in the Marvel Studios timeline, Evan Peters plays a character named Ralph Bohner. During the events of WandaVision, Peters was initially introduced as Pietro Maximoff, a character he previously played in the old 20th Century Fox franchise. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, however, the actor was initially a recasting of Aaron Taylor-Johnson's take on the character—until it was revealed at the end of the series that Peters wasn't Maximoff at all, but rather, a regular ol' human named Ralph Bohner.

Using some other context clues available elsewhere in the series, It's a pretty easy line to draw between Bohner actually being Eric Williams, the Marvel supervillain more commonly known as Grim Reaper. Better yet, there's even a show on the way starring Eric's brother Simon, the longtime Avenger known as Wonder Man.

Because of WandaVision, we know "Bohner" was really an aspiring actor thanks to a headshot Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris) comes across in the character's house. Coincidentally enough, Simon Williams has often been portrayed as a big-shot Hollywood A-lister in the Marvel source material.

Wouldn't that mean Peters might be playing Simon in Wonder Man? Not necessarily.

To get from Bohner to the more villainous Williams brother, we look to Randall Park's Jimmy Woo. When we first see Woo in the series, he arrived at Westview in order to catch up with one of the people he's looking after in the Witness Protection Program. In his earliest appearances, the Grim Reaper has close ties to the Maggia, one of the most well-known crime families in the entire Marvel stable. As has happened plenty of times throughout history, it's not uncommon for people in those circles to turn state's witness and enter the Witness Protection Program.

Even if the Maggia isn't involved, Bohner's failed acting career could provide enough motivation to break bad and become a villain opposite his super-powered brother and he could have entered the Witness Protection Program any number of ways. Either way, it might not be all too surprising if we see Peters return to the MCU before too long at all.

Wonder Man has yet to set a release date.

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