'X-Men: Dark Phoenix' Rumored to Be Final Fox Marvel Movie Before MCU Phase 4 Merge

There's a lot of uncertainty surrounding Fox's X-men movie franchise right now: Deadpool 2 looks [...]

X-Men Dark Phoenix Last Fox Movie MCU Crossover

There's a lot of uncertainty surrounding Fox's X-men movie franchise right now: Deadpool 2 looks to be opening the X-Men movie universe up in a big way, yet New Mutants and X-Men: Dark Phoenix have both been delayed until 2019. Meanwhile, Disney's acquisition of 20th Century Fox continues to be worked out, which would shift a whole new set of X-Men and Fantastic Four characters into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Marvel fans have been earnestly wondering and speculating about when we might see the Fox Marvel Universe finally merge with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and a new rumor claims to have the answer! Check out the details, below.

Here's the report that posted over at Comic Genre, recently:

"X-Men: Dark Phoenix will be the last proper Fox Marvel movie, presumably also the last in that continuity. The crew behind the camera has been thanked for their work but their services will not be needed any longer, as everything is moving to Disney. Apparently, the X-Men being integrated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a done deal, and merely awaiting the approval of the merger. Kevin Feige is "hoovering up" all of the Fox-Marvel characters, and is already planning for them all to go into Phase 4. This includes the X-Men, Deadpool, and Fantastic Four. In what capacity and with what actors was not discussed.

If this report pans out as true, then we have solved one mystery of the Fox/Disney merge, and can move on to the remaining two big inquiries:

  1. How, on a story level, with the X-Men/FF appearance in the MCU be explained?
  2. Will some, all, or none of the current actors in X-Men active X-Men roles be carried over to the MCU?

That latter question is especially important to the Deadpool franchise, as Ryan Reynods is pretty much synonymous with the character at this point, and Josh Brolin's Cable was a major casting decision based on an extensive search. We've already discussed in detail why Cable and Deadpool could easily be carried over to the MCU without being recast, so maybe Feige already has those exact plans?

Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has long been viewed as fertile ground for the Fox/MCU merge to happen, and given the size and scope of Phase 3, it would be a natural progression. "Secret Invasion" is rumored to be one big storyline of Phase 4, but a bigger culminating event would be "Secret Wars," a comic book event that merged various dimensions of the Marvel Comics mulitverse into one franchise again. It would be easy to do the same with the various movie franchises, and Avengers: Infinity War directors The Russo Bros. are already hinting that Marvel's Secret Wars movie could happen.


Do you still have any interest in the Fox Marvel movies? Or do you just want to see the X-Men and Fantastic Four franchises rebooted in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Let us know in the comments!